Moon, The

The Moon was created when an asteroid knocked a big chunk of the Earth out into space. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Dunstable. Mind you, if it had been, the M1 would have had to be much longer.

People used to think the Moon was made of cheese. Given its grey, dusty colour, this says quite a lot about the quality of cheese back then.

Man In The Moon
People used to believe in the man in the Moon. We still do. It’s a pub in Luton.

Dark Side
Part of the Moon controlled by Darth Vader.

Blue Moon
It saw me standing alone.

Total Eclipse Of The Moon
Unsuccessful follow-up record by Bonnie Tyler.

Sea Of Tranquillity
Well, it was for 40 million years till the Americans landed a ruddy great rocket there.

Lunar Orbit
It can be very boring on the way to the Moon, so NASA made sure there was plenty of chewing gum on board.

Moon Landings
Found outside Moon bedrooms.

Impression done by Michael Jackson of a sparrow walking backwards. Not particularly helpful after a journey of a quarter of a million miles.

One Small Step For Man
Neil Armstrong had tiny feet.

Low Gravity
Frivolousness while on the Moon.

Moon Rock
The Eagles have landed.

Moon Dust
Big job for a cleaner.

Moon Shot
Drink served on Apollo 11.

What an astronaut gets if they sit on Moon rock for too long.

Americans who wear thick glasses and anoraks say we never went to the Moon. But how else would we have all that film of the Soup Dragon and the Clangers?


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