Myths about a barren southern land date back to antiquity. This was before the Isle of Wight was discovered.

Antarctica is at the bottom of the world. This is because of continental drift and the weight of all the ice.

Driest continent
It hardly ever rains in Antarctica. This is small comfort to those who stay shivering in huts there.

Antarctic Circle
Group of people who have been there.

Magnetic South Pole
This proved very attractive to Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen and many others.

Ice sheet
What Captain Scott slept under.

Captain Oates
His last words were: “Can we have an inside loo next time?”

Antarctic Treaty
Signed in 1959, since when penguins have suffered no attacks from polar bears.

Weddell Sea
So named because of the penguins that weddell around it.

Emperor Penguin
The only penguin that actually breeds in Antarctica. This makes him very busy. It also explains why he weddells.

Antarctic environment
Scientists have agreed to do their best not to harm the continent. With this in mind they have built research stations all over it, mounted expedition after expedition to the pole, and keep drilling great chunks of ice from way below the surface,

Southern lights
Cigarettes designed not to harm the Antarctic environment.

McMurdo Sound
Type of music that topped the Antarctic charts in the Sixties. It featured songs such as “What’s Love Scott To Do With It”, “A Whiter Shade of Pole”, and several numbers by Sister Sledge.

Antarctica is melting, meaning sea levels are rising. Soon the Isle of Wight will be just a scary legend again.

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