Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was first apprenticed to the artist Verrocchio, now only remembered for the foot infection named after him.

Traffic warden
Leonardo was a polymath – a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, and musician. In fact, it is easier to say what he wasn’t. He wasn’t a traffic warden.

Mona Lisa
Perhaps the most memorable of Leonardo’s creations. The English lyrics to his tune, though, were written much more recently.

Enigmatic smile
He invented the whoopee cushion for his subjects to sit on.

Mirror writing
He often wrote this way, daubing “I am a genius, OK?” in lipstick above his bathroom sink.

Daer ot tluciffid yrev era eseht.

He designed it, but not surprisingly no one actually wanted to build it out of medieval two-by-four and test it out.

Vitruvian Man
His iconic image of a naked man shows how even the greatest genius can get things wrong. Careful examination shows it has four arms and four legs.

Poor, ill folk had much to fear from the thought of Leonardo and his scalpel.

Last supper
What he offered them.

Virgin on the rocks
A cocktail sometimes helped.

He made a careful study of flight. After slicing up so many people, he often needed to flee quickly.

The Da Vinci Code
Mystery novel by Dan Brown. The mystery revolves around how such terrible writing can sell so many books.

It is commonly believed that Leonardo died of old age. However, he was in fact found in the garden, surrounded by broken pieces of medieval two-by-four.

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