Athens was named after Athena, who, in the ancient Olympics, played tennis with her skirt tucked into her pants and became the world’s first pin-up.

The place got rather dirty during the Olympics.

Elgin marbles
Game played with bits of ancient monument. Often led to arguments between the players, especially in internationals between Britain and Greece

Battle of Marathon
Disputed race result at the first Olympics.

Ancient Greek law-enforcement officers called in to calm the crowd.

Corinthian War
Started after an argument about architecture.

What many Ancient Greeks were doing during the Corinthian War.

Doric column
Anti-war newspaper piece by a journalist called Doris.

Peloponnesian War
Spelt the end of Athens’s domination of the sea, but in a confusing variety of ways. Sometimes it was spelt with one “l” and two “p”s, other times two “l”s and two “p”s. Then there were the people who spelt it with one of each.

Greek tragedy
When someone parthed on.

Greek comedy
Trying to spell “Peloponnesian”.

Athens invented the system of one-man, one vote. That man was Draco.

Punishment for anyone who pretended to be Draco in the polling booth.

What the ancient Greeks said to Draco when they tired of him.

Temple of Zeus
Where the gods Whipsnade and Twycross were worshipped.

Drinking buddy of Alficles.

Athens of the North
Edinburgh. Just like Athens except for the architecture, the history, the temperature, the language, and the people.

Athens is famous for its ancient monuments, which millions of people travel from all over the world to see. They travel to the British Museum, where the monuments are.

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