Bonfire Night

November the 5th
The Gunpowder Plotters decided to blow up Parliament on Firework Night as they hoped there would be so much noise that no-one would notice.

Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November
They were illiterate, so they had to keep chanting this between themselves to remember when they were going to do it. This may have something to do with them eventually being found out.

Guns were smuggled around the country in powdered form, being reassembled by alchemists. The most famous of these was a Mr Boots.

Guy Fawkes
Wore a big floppy hat and a moustache. Originally from Mexico, he worked as a guide, or “guido”, in the House of Commons.

King James I and VI
Twin rulers of Britain, they were both unpopular. The Gunpowder Plot was hatched to blow up all of Parliament, which was the only way to get them both at the same time.

The plotters were Catholics. This meant they could kill the Kings as long as they felt guilty about it afterwards.

Bonfire Night
Clever scheduling so that you can see the flames. Bonfire Afternoon failed to catch on.

Penny for the Guy
The price of one of his tours.

Catherine Wheel
The woman who went round with Guy Fawkes.

Roman Candle
Type of torch used by the plotters (a “roamin’ candle”).

What they got when they were discovered.

Bonfire night is a good time to get your hands on a sparkler. With all the commotion, they’re unlikely to see you coming.

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