Gordian Knot
Friend of Alexander the Great. When Alex couldn’t solve one of his riddles, he cut Gordian in half. He had to be tied back together again and so gave his name to the practice.

Modern knots were invented by a Mr Powell from Baden-Baden as a way of keeping Scouts from wandering off.

Reef knot
Secures coral to the shore.

Clove hitch
Secures spices to the ground.

Granny knot
Secures…well, they do tend to wander.

Knot’s Landing
American soap opera designed to string viewers along.

Top knot
Tied in the better gentlemen’s clubs of London. Includes…

Windsor knot
Used to tie one’s crown on.

Slip knot
Tied by chaperones to prevent young ladies’ undergarments from being removed.

Bow Line
Remark traditionally used by young men at summer balls as a precursor to grappling with the slip knot.

What the young men are trying to get their hands on.

Forget me knot
Given by young ladies to unsuccessful suitors.

Get knotted
What chaperones say to unsuccessful suitors.

Tie a knot in it.
What unsuccessful suitors are forced to do.

Rope arrangement designed for the more direct American style of courtship.

Running knot
Native American famed for tying people’s moccasins together when they aren’t looking.

Sealed Knot
Organisation recreating violent disagreements over the relative merits of the bottom loaded release hitch and the double munter friction hitch.

Natural accessory to help stop trees wandering off. Only really useful in fantasy literature.

Timber hitch
When the knot-hole is too small.

No noose is good noose.

A nice way to tie things up.

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