Hundreds of years before Christ, what we now called Turkey was ruled by the Hittites. At least until the Hitharderites arrived.

Also followed the Hittites. Their advanced knowledge of ice production led them to freeze their opponents out.

Ottoman Empire
Chain of ancient furniture shops.

Byzantine Empire
It took ages and heaven knows how many forms just to renew a donkey licence.

Asia Minor
Version of the famous vintage Morris car designed to carry a donkey and a linen-chest in the back seat.

Named after the Roman leader who founded it, the Emperor Constantinople.

Just about anything he could get his hands on.

Everything the Sultan didn’t.

Turkish pop group famous for tunes like “Crimea River”.

Lead singer of the Dardanelles.

Turkish delight
When the Dardanelles won Eurovision.

Mount Ararat
Turkey is home to history’s first mountaineer. Most of his equipment was out of the Ark.

What Noah used to hang on to the top of Mount Ararat.

Sacking of Constantinople
Heavy cloth that was particularly hard to dry.

Whirling Dervish
Drying technique useful for dealing with wet sacking of Constantinople.

What a Turkish astronomer says when he spots a Russian space station.

Turkish men’s magazine featuring donkeys in curious predicaments.

Where an Istanbul portrait photographer points his camera.

Turkey has given many things to the world. But not, curiously, turkeys. Like Iceland not giving the world ice, Greenland not giving the world the colour, and Lapland having nothing to do with nightclubs.

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