The word “smuggle” derives from the self-satisfied expression on those in the 18th Century who bought cheap, illegal drink and tobacco.

South West
The traditional home of smuggling in Great Britain. This is because there are so many places to tie boats up – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Bodmin Moor, and so on.

Every Cornishman felt obliged to avoid paying tax.

It was very important that smugglers kept fit.

Bowing before stealing someone’s cargo, and saying thank you when you have finished.

Trousers worn by smugglers.

False bottom
Fashion addition to kegs.

Superfast smuggler. Did a lot of excise.

What Jetsam did.

Hippy smuggler.

Smugglers’ Cove
Cheeky chappie who kept his partners in crime happy.

Musicians proficient at harmonies once they’d downed some cheap grog.

Smuggler who went off with a colleague’s wife leaving her husband and children to fend for themselves.

The coast is clear
Phrase by and wrecker and his girlfriend.

Smuggler’s wife run off with by wrecker fond of hip-hop.

Breakfast favoured by smugglers.

The King’s Men
Officials who recorded “Louie Louie” in their spare time.

Smugglers landing
Outside a smugglers bedroom. See “Wrecker”.

Nobleman who could be relied on to look the other way in exchange for a “loan”.

Some smugglers even tried to steal the coast so they could move it elsewhere and land their goods secretly.

Smuggling tunnels
Not easy. Tunnels are rather big and difficult to transport secretly.

Smuggling died out with the opening of Ye Olde Bargain Booze Cruise to Calais.

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