Robin Hood

Robin had to live in Sherwood Forest as hoods had been banned from Nottingham town centre.

The people in his gang he wasn’t related to.

The King’s Deer
Pub they all went back to after a hard day’s robbing.

What they drank at the King’s Deer.

Merry Men
It was always happy hour in the King’s Deer.

Friar Tuck
Chip shop they visited after a night drinking.

Sheriff of Nottingham
American lawmaker on an exchange visit.

King John
Big American toilet installed by the Sheriff.

Little John
What most English people were used to.

What people who got stopped in the forest were forced to do.

What they’d start to do if Robin found their money.

Could lead to a painful thwack on the head.

Will Scarlett
Husband of Hollywood starlet.

Much the Miller’s Son
Offspring of Windy Miller. Led the assault on Camberwick Green.

Alan a’ Dale
Sherwood forest’s resident minstrel. Later changed his name to Bryan Adams.

“Everything I Do I Do It For You”. Stayed at number one in Ye Olde Hitte Parade for a record 4,800 weeks until knocked off by Greensleeves.

Robin had so many Merry Men he couldn’t remember all their names.

What Robin would shout to rally his troops.

Robin took from the rich and gave to the poor. Eventually the poor became so rich he had to start taking it back. And then… Eventually no one could remember who was meant to be robbed and who was meant to get the money, and everyone just went home.

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