Japan’s real name. This is because there are so many people in Japan that they have to take turns on dry land, or Nippon and Nippof.

Land of the Rising Sun
Nickname for Japan. By the time everyone has got up you can’t see the horizon so no-one can never see the sun set. Hence the custom of bowing, so everyone has the chance to have a look.

Many people have to stay in rooms where there is no space for anything more than a bunk. That’s if they can find someone to have a bunk with, of course.

There is so little space to build many people have to live in their 4x4s.

There is no room for an oven, either.

Feng shui
We should mention this, but not here.

Hari Kiri
Japanese opera singer who is so bad people kill themselves rather than listen.

Noh! theatre
Where she performs.

Martial arts
Japan is famous for martial arts, including Origami, which involves folding your opponent into a model of the Eiffel Tower, Kendo, where they are drowned in coffee, and Kabuki, where an opponent is weighed down by costume and masks before being confused by complicated plots.

Japanese version of an Irish game which is now virtually a religion.

Board game which can turn nasty.

Mathematical game where you have to work out how two large men fit into a circle.

Feng shui
Not here either.

Japanese slang for ‘head’.

Yoko’s sister.

This is the right place to talk about Feng Shui. But now there’s no room.

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