Russian Revolution

Inspired by Carl Jung after seeing the Marx brothers perform. “Das Kapital”, he said. He immediately booked them for the Winter Palace, St Petersburg.

Storming the Winter Palace
The Marx brothers went down very well, especially with their routines about how the nobility were spending their days at the races and their nights at the opera. However, the audience were so appalled at the rest of the show they attacked the Royal Box and those sitting there got caught by the Bolsheviks. This was very painful.

Manufactured band first on the bill at the Winter Palace.

Revolutionary rapper. Second on the bill.

Frog puppet that closed the first half of the show.

Sang “Imagine there’s no Tsar”, “Give the Proletariat a Chance”, and “Watching the Wheels of Production”. His famous remark “Would the people in the cheap seats clap their hands, and the rest of you give your jewellery back to the people,” sealed the fate of Tsar Nicholas and his family.

The uprising of the proletariat, rumblings in the Balkans and unrest along the Volga. It was largely caused by the cheap vodka sold in the interval.

What many of the vodka drinkers got.

Red Square
Punter who left the gig early, saying he preferred traditional balalaikas.

Volga boatmen
Sailors who sang rude songs in the bar.

Tribute song recorded by Robbie Williams.

The only survivor of the post-gig bloodbath. Became a gravel-voiced pop songstress.

Russia’s new leaders closed the Winter Palace in order to prevent further unrest. But the vodka stayed on sale, which eventually led to Stalin’s purges.

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