Van Gogh


Art historians used to believe Van Gogh cut off his ear because he was upset. Now they say it is more likely it was sliced off by Gauguin during a fight. In fact, it is most likely that Van Gogh cut it off so that it matched his “Self Portrait with Cut Ear” (1889); it was easier than trying to get the picture right.

“Wheat Field” (1888)
Also featured lots of ears.

“Cornfield with Cypresses” (1889)
There’s a bit of a theme here.

Van Gogh was particularly good at the pained one.

How Van Gogh got his pictures to his dealer.

What he shouted when he cut off his ear.

Made his art grow stronger.

“Theeee-o. Daylight come and me wanna go home.” Vincent often woke up the neighbourhood on the way back from the bar with his brother.

Yellow House
He was often violently ill when he got home. The colour-scheme minimised the effects.

He sucked on these to hide the smell of the absinthe.

Vincent lived for a while in this area of London. Sadly, the pictures from this time, including “Cannabis Field with Stoned Crows”, “Portrait of Dr Ganja”, and “Wow, What a Starry Night, Man!”, have all been lost.

Redheaded madman
His nickname. It was nothing to do with the colour of his hair – he was just covered in blood more often than not.

“The Potato Eaters” (1885)
His first major work was a bit of a mish-mash.

Van Goff, Van Go, or Van Goch? Who cares? He’d have had difficulty hearing you anyway.

He tried to cut off his other ear and missed.

What it was.

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