United Nations

The United Nations is designed to stop wars. It has been very successful apart from during wars.

League of Nations
Forerunner of the UN. Not a success. The same teams kept coming top.

UN resolutions
When countries resolve to give up smoking, chocolate, or bombing their neighbours.

UN Flag
It often gets tired of asking countries to obey its resolutions.

UN Charter
Coach trip. Seating plan is tricky. Iran won’t sit next to the USA, Japan won’t sit next to China, and no one will sit next to Burma.

General Assembly
Countries get together at the beginning of the day and hear who has detention.

Security Council
So secure it won’t let anyone else join.

German rocket that indirectly led to the formation of the UN.

Blue Berets
Formation peacekeeping display team. They enter countries trailing coloured smoke from their ankles.

UN Membership
Entitles you to a free drink at the start of each meeting and a space in the car park.

UN Ambassador
Someone who likes Ferrero Rocher.

Goodwill Ambassador
Attractive actress, slightly too old to get much work, looking for free flights to the Third World in search of a pretty child to adopt.

Ferrero Rocher during a meeting.

What the UN is good at.

United Nations Escape Committee. Diplomats who have spent their entire lives inside the UN building suddenly show a strange desire to stroll around the compound shaking their trouser legs.

People say the United Nations is toothless. This is because of the amount of Ferrero Rocher the ambassadors consume.

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