Opera began when Italians began singing about food – mostly pasta, including Rossini, Rigoletto, Puccini, and Verdi.

Italian ham popular with opera singers.

Die Fledermaus
Wishing the poor thing dead. Only then is it properly edible.

Opera glasses
What drinks are served in.

D’Oyly Carte

Opera box
Two legs of chicken, four small fries and a cola for £5.

Digestive remedy.

French newspaper with lots of opera news.

Flying Dutchman
Jet-setting composer often featured in the Figaro.

La Scala
Italian for scales. Over-eating singers have to be measured before performing to make sure they don’t fall through the ancient stage.

Calculated by multiplying the length of the stage by the width of the singer.

Sydney Opera House
Man after whom all opera houses are named.

Opera buffa
Someone who likes opera.

The moment their partner realises how long the show lasts.

Grand opera
Performed in Yorkshire.

Counter tenor
Singer waiting for a burger.

Fish dish favoured by male singers.

Dame Nellie Peach Melba Toast
Famous for singing with her mouth full. The stalls were not a good place to be.

On which a singer’s meal is cooked.

Savoy opera
Features cabbage. Not popular with children.

Chinese opera
Half an hour after the curtain falls you want to see another.

He’d leave the cafe, but return several times.


What singers say when they see the restaurant bill.

The fat lady sings.

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