Tea was discovered when the British arrived in India, conquered the place by eleven o’clock and found they were rather thirsty.

Way to address one’s partner in the morning to get them to bring you a cuppa.

Alternative pet name used by Americans.

Offer to do the washing up as a bribe.

Partner who refuses to oblige.

Type of tea drunk in Amsterdam.

Green tea
Made from recycled leaves.

Herbal tea
See Amsterdam.

Mint tea
In tip-top condition.

Tea-lady too weak to lift the pot.

Person who finds, or “sauces”, leaves.

Hairdresser. They always offer you a cup of tea.

What you say in winter while warming your hands on a mug.

What you do to the bottom of the kettle if you leave it on the gas too long.

Rosie Lee
Tea lady who brewed up wearing little but a G-string and tassels.

Tea cup
In the case of Rosie Lee, double-D.

Rosie Lee is not suitable for drinkers under 16.

Tea caddy
Person with a Thermos following Tiger Woods.

Tea leaf
Person who runs off with your cuppa.

Tea urn
How you spell “turn”.

Tea chest
See Rosie Lee.

Tea cosy
What Rosie Lee wore to go swimming.

Enjoying a drink in the sun.

Result of tea going down the wrong way.

Loose tea
Rosie Lee.

Gunpowder tea
Doesn’t half wake you up in the morning.

The pot is cold, the tea is stewed, the biscuits are gone, and… oh, the kettle’s on again. Jolly good!

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