Nightingale, Florence

Florence Nightingale travelled to the war-zone when she heard men were dying. She had not been very well informed about the nature of conflict.

Conditions at the hospitals drove her mad.

The Lady with the Lamp
She had a fearsome right hook. This was the first anaesthetic.

She was also a pioneer of washing the hands. She had to – they were very bloody after a difficult anaesthetic

What many soldiers were forced to wear when hiding from her feared right hook.

What soldiers did to their jaws after one of her anaesthetics.

Modern anaesthetic injections are named after one of her punches.

Death rate
Rose after she arrived. It would be some while before she learned to pull her punches.

Light brigade
Soldiers who cried while being anaesthetised.

Ward rounds
Started with a bell and she came out fighting.

Divine calling
Normally “God, make her stop hitting me!”.

Typhus, typhoid, cholera and dysentery
If Florence didn’t get you, these would.

Mary Seacole
Nurse disliked by Florence because she managed to save people.

Florence was actually quite rich. This was the type of car she drove.

Queen Victoria
She and her husband, Albert Memorial, were big fans.

Valley of Death
Nickname for her hospital.

Notes on Nursing
Bestseller written by Florence Nightingale. It was eventually filmed with Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor, and Jim Dale.

After her return from the Crimea, her groundbreaking report to the Royal Commission showed fewer soldiers were killed in peacetime.

Two knockdowns and a submission.

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