Car pollution
President Obama is so worried about the low quality of vehicle emissions in the US he is setting new national standards.

Lead pollution
Carbon dioxide. It’s way out in the lead.

Pollutant with carbohydrate attachment, making it particularly heavy. This explains the damage carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, etc, do.

Heavy metal
Metal with lots of carbs on.

Light pollution
What we need instead.

Area around the former millennium dome where traffic jams form during U2 gigs as thousands of music lovers clog the roads trying desperately to escape.

Noise pollution
U2 gigs.

Tiny creature responsible for pollution. EG Bono.

Acid rain
Popular in the late Sixties.

Polluters from Dallas, Ft Worth etc.

Fog in Scandinavia. Pronouced “smerg”.

What Yorkshire secret agents go on.

Point of a greenhouse.

Greenhouse gas
Smell of perspiration and clandestine cigarettes.

Vapour trail
Follows you as you return from the greenhouse.

Biggles’s navigator. During a victory roll over the Channel he noticed the seas were turning green. Like the cockpit. And his trousers. Eventually Biggles got the message and stopped doing victory rolls when Algae had a hangover.

Chelsea Football Club. Have polluted the Premier Division with vast amounts of dodgy Russian money.

Kind of society that produces a lot of pollution.

Raised seat carried by flunkies that rich people use to avoid all the waste paper on the pavements.

What many eco-friendly car drivers are.

Kind of people who are very careful about the sort pollution they emit.

Water pollution
Many young swimmers are not so careful.

Raw sewage
Common in Japan.

Sick building syndrome
It’s called a hospital…

Killing a cockroach.

Killing a bay tree.

Killing a pollutant.

Person driven insane by pollution.

The Great Smog
Magician. His foul-mouthed performance in 1952 in London forced the government to introduce the Clean Air Act.

Thanks to President Obama, we’re all saved. For about five minutes longer than we would have been otherwise.

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